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The General Learning Strategies Program targets students who have struggled academically for a semester or more.  These students are offered the opportunity to take a General Learning Strategies course that provides them with knowledge and skills to enable them to be successful at IIT.  Additionally, the students are provided with one-on-one support to help them overcome their individual academic difficulties and to connect them with additional resources available at IIT.

GLS Courses

General Learning Strategies I

The General Learning Strategies I course is designed for first- or second-year students who underachieve academically during their first year of study at IIT.  An early identification program, it targets students whose GPA at the end of their first or second semester is below 2.0.  The students in this group are encouraged to enroll in GLS180: General Learning Strategies I.  The topics covered in this course include time management, motivation and procrastination, self-regulated learning, remembering what you read, effective note taking, strategies for test preparation and test taking, campus resources, and self advocacy and assertiveness.  In addition to course material covered during lectures, students meet weekly with an academic coach to address their individual academic concerns.

General Learning Strategies II

The General Learning Strategies II course is for students who have completed either GLS180 or GLS227, but need additional support throughout the semester to ensure their academic success. The GLS181: General Learning Strategies II course provides these students with peer support to help them maintain the study and problem-solving skills they learned in the program, and continue to apply these to their academic work.

General Learning Strategies III

The General Learning Strategies III Course targets students who experienced early success in their undergraduate career, but subsequently suffered from two successive semesters or more of grades and academic progress below the university standards. Before the advent of this program, students in this category normally found themselves candidates for academic dismissal. These students are required to enroll in GLS227: General Learning Strategies III, which expands on the foundational skills taught in GLS180 and provides students with strategies for improving learning, managing stress, and exploring careers they may wish to pursue after graduating from IIT.

Additional Services

Academic Coaching

All students enrolled in GLS180: General Learning Strategies I are required to meet weekly with an academic coach.  The coaching session is a time for the student to receive one-on-one help and support.  The coach works with the student throughout the semester on academic goals and helps the student to connect the strategies covered during lecture to their other courses.

Level Up Your Life Workshops with the Student Health and Wellness Center

The GLS program has partnered with the Student Health and Wellness Center on their semester long workshop series, Level Up Your Life.   The Level Up Your Life seminars will provide you with resources and skills to improve your success and overall wellbeing at IIT. All IIT students are invited to attend the workshops. 

Level Up Your Life Workshops Schedule Fall 2015:

Location: MTCC Blue Room

Time: 12:50-130pm

Sept.  2nd: Stocking Your Inventory: Identifying Resources for Success at IIT

Oct.  7th: Beat the Clock: Time Management and Procrastination

Nov. 4th: Choose Your Own Adventure: Making Important Decisions

Dec. 2nd: Jedi Mind Tricks: Mindfulness and Stress Management


Prior to enrolling in the GLS227 course, candidates for the course are asked to complete the following forms and interview with the GLS Staff:


Action Plan

Self-Assessment Questionnaire


What does academic probation mean?

All students are expected to meet satisfactory academic progress while they are at IIT.  If you do not meet the criteria for satisfactory academic progress you will be placed on academic probation.

Why am I on academic probation?

There are a few reasons why you may be on academic probation:

  1. Your cumulative GPA is below a 2.0.
  2. Your semester GPA is below a 1.85
  3. You earned less than 12 credit hours for the semester

Some scholarships may have different guidelines for satisfactory progress.  If you do not meet the specific guidelines of your scholarship then you may be placed on academic probation.

Will this affect my financial aid?

This varies depending on the scholarships you receive.  It is highly recommended that you meet with Financial Aid to determine how academic probation will affect your financial aid.

Will this affect the amount of time I have to graduate?

This varies from person to person.  It is best to meet with your academic advisor and plan out your remaining semesters at IIT to get a better idea of what you need to do to complete your degree.

How do I return to good standing?

Once you have met the criteria for making satisfactory academic progress you will return academic good standing.  This will take place during the academic review at the end of each semester.

Criteria for satisfactory academic progress:

  1. Cumulative GPA of 2.0 or above
  2. Semester GPA of 1.85 or above
  3. 12 credit hours earned for the semester

Are the GLS courses required?

The GLS I and GLS II are highly recommended.  It is strongly encouraged that you take the GLS courses as they provided you with resources to improve your academics at IIT.  

If you are on academic probation for two or more semester, you will be asked to interview with the GLS staff to determine if you would benefit from additional GLS courses.  If it is recommended by the GLS staff that you enroll in the GLS I, GLS II, or GLS III course it is expect that you will enroll in the course that is recommended.

What does the GLS course count towards for graduation?

You can use the GLS course for one of your free elective credits.

Contact Us

Carol-Ann Emmons

Director, General Learning Strategies Program
Phone: 312.5673827

Elizabeth Salland

Manager, General Learning Strategies Program
Phone: 312.5673518

Tayyab Arshad

Director, Academic Resource Center
Phone: 312.5677959