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Mies (Main) Campus Buildings

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Mies (Main) Campus Map

Academic Buildings

NameAddressBuilding Code
Alumni Memorial 3201 South Dearborn AM
S. R. Crown Hall 3360 South State CR
John T. Rettaliata Engineering Center
10 West 32nd RE
Ed Kaplan Family Institute for Innovation and Tech Entrepreneurship 3137 South Federal St. KI
Perlstein Hall 10 West 33rd PH
Robert A. Pritzker Science Center 3105 South Dearborn PS
Siegel Hall 3301 South Dearborn SH
Stuart Building 10 West 31st SB
Wishnick Hall 3255 South Dearborn WH

Athletic Building

NameAddressBuilding Code
Keating Hall 3040 South Wabash KH

Facilities Services

NameAddressBuilding Code
Heating Plant 3430 South Federal HP
Machinery Hall 100 West 33rd MH


NameAddressBuilding Code
Alpha Sigma Alpha 3340 South Michigan AS
Alpha Sigma Phi 3361 South Wabash AP
Delta Tau Delta 3349 South Wabash DD
Kappa Phi Delta 3330 South Michigan KP
Phi Kappa Sigma 3366 South Michigan PK
Pi Kappa Phi 3333 South Wabash PP
Triangle 3360 South Michigan TR

Rental Property

NameAddressBuilding Code
Materials & Metals Building 3350 South Federal MTB
Vandercook 3140 South Federal VA

Residence Halls

NameAddressBuilding Code
East Hall 71 East 32nd EH
Fowler Hall 3241 South Wabash FO
Graduate Hall 70 East 33rd GH
Lewis Hall 70 East 33rd LH
McCormick Lounge 3241 South Wabash MC
North Hall 71 East 32nd NH
Residence - Dining 71 East 32nd RD
South Hall 71 East 32nd SO
State Street Village 3301 South State SV
Bailey Hall 3101 South Wabash BH
Carman Hall 60 East 32nd CH
Cunningham Hall 3100 South Michigan CU
Gunsaulus 3140 South Michigan GU

Student Services

NameAddressBuilding Code
Auto Lab 3240 South Federal AL
Carr Chapel 65 East 32nd CC
Farr Hall 3300 South Michigan FH
Galvin Library 35 West 33rd GL
Hermann Hall (HUB) 3241 South Federal HH
Main Building 3300 South Federal MB
The Commons 3200 South Wabash CO
McCormick Tribune Campus Center 3201 South State MC

University Technology Park At IIT

NameAddressBuilding Code
Technology Business Center 3440 South Dearborn TBC
Incubator 3440 South Dearborn INC
IIT Tower 10 West 35th IT
IITRI Life Sciences Research 35 West 34th LSR
Technology Park - Central 3424 S. State St. TC
Technology Park - South 3424 S. State St. TS
Technology Park - North 3424 S. State St. TN