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IIT Press Releases

New Fuel Cell Technology: Turning Methane into Usable Liquid Fuel (Chicago, August 1, 2014)
IIT Awarded Multi-Million Dollar Grant in Partnership with Chicago-based Veriown Energy (Chicago, May 13, 2014)
IIT Wins EPA Campus RainWorks Challenge (Chicago, April 23, 2013)
IIT-Led Higher Education Partnership Promotes Clean Production across the Americas (Chicago, Aug. 6, 2012)
IIT Names Leon Shaw as First Rowe Endowed Chair in Sustainable Energy (Chicago, June 14, 2012)
IIT Engineering's Matthew Peet Wins Prestigious NSF Career Award (Chicago, Feb. 15, 2012)
IIT Installs Chicago's First Advanced Wind Turbine (Chicago, July 11, 2011)
Small Business Administration Announces $600k Competitive Award for Illinois Institute of Technology-Led Illinois Smart Grid Regional Innovation Cluster (Chicago, Sept. 20, 2010)
Illinois Institute of Technology Receives Princeton Review's Best Green Rating in Illinois (Chicago, April 21, 2010)
Illinois Institute of Technology Receives Grant for Smart Grid Training Center (Chicago, April 8, 2010)
Chicago Summit to Take on Four Critical Challenges: Clean Water; Carbon, Energy and Climate; Urban Sustainability; Global Health (Chicago, March 19, 2010)
Perfect Power at IIT Celebrates Phase I Completion of Five-Year Project (Chicago, Feb. 16, 2010)
Illinois Institute of Technology to Lead Wind Energy Research Consortium (Chicago, Oct. 16, 2009)
Henry Robert Linden: World-Renowned Energy Expert (Chicago, Sept. 28, 2009)
Illinois Institute of Technology Leads Statewide Initiative to Create Jobs and National Hub for Smart Grid (Chicago, Sept. 10, 2009)
IIT's Tech Park Forms Partnership with French Organizations to Support International Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Technology (December 3, 2008)
Public/Private Partnership Creates Opportunity to Fundamentally Address Local Energy Crises (November 20, 2008)
Hamid Arastoopour Named Director of IIT Wanger Institute for Sustainable Energy Research (Chicago, Nov. 11, 2008)
IIT Announces Wanger Institute for Sustainable Energy Research (March 3, 2008)
Haiti Outreach at IIT Develops Water Distribution System for Pignon, Haiti (February 1, 2008)

IIT Magazine

What is America's Best Pathway to Sustainable Energy (Fall 2014)
Green and Meaningful Manufacturing (Spring 2014)
Cool Storage: New Ways to Stockpile Energy (Summer 2013)
The Plant (Winter 2012)
Green, Lean, and Clean (Spring 2011)
Transmission Vision (Spring 2011)
Looking Anew at Nuclear (Winter 2010)
Sky-High Sustainability (Fall 2009)
Research Briefs: Clearing the Air (Winter 2009)
New Grid in Town: Perfect Power System Ramps Up IIT (Spring 2009)
Green Acres -- IIT Sets News Goals for Greening Main Campus (Fall 2008)
A Wiser Path to Sustainability (Spring 2008)

IIT Magazine Online Exclusives

The Transformation of Renewable Energy 
A New Way to See Electricity
From Clean Water Grows Opportunity
Pavements in the Sky
For the Sake of the Land
Engineering a Useful Sulfur-Eating Bacterium
WISER Formula Hybrid Team on Fast Track

IIT Armour College Interface

Clean Coal Technology at WISER (Winter 2010, pp. 20-22).
Sustainability Through Electrochemical Energy Conversion/Vijay Ramani (Fall 2008)
Enhancing Power Market Operations with Coordinated Hydro-Wind Energy/Mohammad Shahidehpour (Fall 2008)
Forging New Frontiers in Dispersion Science and Technology/Darsh Wasan (Fall 2007)
Predicting the Flow of Air Contaminants in Major Cities/Candace Wark (Fall 2007)