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About Us

The Studio

The WIIT studio and DJ lounge is located in The McCormick Tribune Campus Center. We boast a state-of-the-art facility and are always looking for new DJs. For a list of our equipment, please see below. You can always drop by the studio to check it out as well!

Equipment List

  • Harris NetWave 16-channel Broadcast Console
  • Program Delay (10-second delay for broadcast)
  • Tascam CD-500B CD Player (2)
  • Tascam SS-CDR200 Recorder (Accepts USB, CDs, SD cards, and CF Cards)
  • Analog Inputs: RCA, 1/8th inch, 1/4th inch, and XLR
  • Inputs (AES/SPDIF): USB, XLR, RCA

Executive Board

Station Manager

Soren Spicknall
Third-year Computer Science major pursuing a co-terminal master's degree in Data Science. Soren also serves as an SGA Senator for the College of Science, President of Illinois Tech's Residence Hall Association, and a member of a Chicago-based software development collective.

Assistant Station ManAger

Garrett Weidle

Business Director

Viktor Koves
Third-year Computer Science major with interests in game development, 3D art, and more. Viktor is a lifelong Chicagoan and is always out exploring local restaurants and parks.


Reno Fera-Ducatt
Fourth-year Physics major and Philosophy minor. Reno is a bitter enthusiast of the world and a lover of despair. A bird perches on the dying branch of an autumn tree and a broken computer screen displays the black outlined in bright lights of a Poem, 20 years in the making. Reno sees all human interactions, whether they be ethical, or musical, or improvisational, or upon the stage of life with an outer-worldly facade, as arguments. Language is life, and Reno pursues language and yet never does he reach it.


In Transition
This role on our team is currently empty, but it won’t be for long. Check back soon to find out who our newest Executive Board member will be!

Music Director

Liza McQueney
Second-year Mechanical Engineering major from Nebraska, the home of Saddle Creek Records. Liza is the secretary of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, and in her free time she goes to concerts, participates in Quidditch at IIT, and plays the flute.


Pat Bartman
Third-year Computer Engineering major. In addition to being a stoic Engineer, Pat is also a stoic Entrepreneur, with a startup, and exec board member of the Association of Information Technology Professionals, with deep-seated pretension and outrageous artistic ideals. He is a stoical runner, rock climber, and host of "PG-13" with his stoic cohost Garrett Weidle. Pat has lived.

Technical Director

David Sobel
Third-year Information Technology and Management major with a minor in Industrial Technology and Management. David has an affinity for technology and video games, owing much of his musical tastes to both. He is also known for an offhand sense of humor.

Assistant Technical Director

Vinny Rajkovich
Fourth year undergraduate student majoring in Information Technology and Management with a specialization in System Administration. He has been with WIIT for the past 3 years, starting as a DJ, with the iconic show name V1NC3NZ0, and worked his way up the chain onto the executive board. He hates just sitting around and loves to go out with friends, and anything that is hands on!


Annie Zorn
Second-year Architecture student from Chicago. Annie is also the Assistant Editor for the weekly school newspaper TechNews.