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Withdrawal or Leave of Absence

Leave of Absence

Undergraduate degree-seeking students who wish to withdraw from the university with the intention of returning to complete their degree program may apply for a leave of absence. All requests for a leave of absence begin with the One Stop. A leave of absence cannot exceed one academic year, however it may be extended if the proper documentation is submitted. You will still be considered part of the IIT community while on a leave and any IIT scholarships will be held until your return.

Students on a medical leave of absence may be required to contact the Student Health and Wellness Center and submit documentation relating to treatment, prior to resuming their studies.

International students must comply with additional regulations when requesting a leave of absence.

Frequently Asked Questions For

Students going on a leave of absence
Students returning from a leave of absence

Withdrawal From the University

Undergraduate degree-seeking students, who withdraw from all of their courses, are in effect withdrawing from the university. Non-attendance does not equal withdrawal. All requests for withdrawal begin with the One Stop, which will provide assistance with the successful resolution of all outstanding obligations to the university. 

International students must comply with additional regulations when withdrawing from the university.

Any undergraduate student who is not in attendance for a semester must apply for reinstatement in the Office of Undergraduate Academic Affairs.