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Student Employment Forms and Documents

Table of Contents
For Students
 -  required paperwork
 -  policies and resources
For Supervisors/Approvers
Useful Internal Websites
Useful External Websites

For Students

Students only need to complete required paperwork once. Do not resubmit paperwork if you are rehired as student at Illinois Tech. (May resubmit if changes are needed.)
Federal W-4 (print)

Federal tax form
Instruction Video: Completing a federal W-4
Infographic: Hacking Your W-4 (from H&R Block)

Illinois W-4 (print) State tax form
Instruction Video: Completing an IL W-4
I-9 Form*
Electronic I-9 Form 

*Requires supplemental documentation

An I-9 is an Employment Eligibility Verification form. Students will complete their portion of the I-9 form electronically; the link is emailed to students after the supervisor completes the electronic payroll authorization form (EPAF)
Instruction Video: Completing an I-9

Non-Disclosure & Confidentiality Agreement (print)

This is the university's confidentiality agreement. Review it with your supervisor and then sign and submit.
Instruction Video: Completing a Confidentiality Agreement

Direct Deposit Authorization

*Requires supplemental documentation

Complete this form to set up automatic payments directly into your bank account. Instructions -- how to complete the form and what additional documentation is needed (e.g.: voided check or official letter from bank).
Direct Deposit Instructions PDF 
Instruction Video: Completing a Direct Deposit form
Personal Information Change Request*
Completed when Social Security Card is received

*International students only

When international students receive their SSN, they will use this form to submit their social security number to the Registrar's Office. This must be done within 4 (four) weeks after applying for a social security card.

Student Employment Handbook for Students All student employment policies
Student Employment Infograph General on-campus employment chart
Student Employee Timesheet Manual Step-by-step manual; student processes start on page 7
Timesheet Process Chart Flow chart (2015)
How to access an Unofficial Transcript Some offices will ask for student transcripts; here is how to provide that information
How to get a copy of your class schedule If asked for a copy of your schedule
Exit Survey For students to complete at end of semester
Hiring form instruction videos Instruction videos for hiring paperwork are linked above in "Required hiring paperwork," in the description for the linked form.

For Supervisors and Approvers

Recruiting Students: Posting an On-Campus Job in Handshake Handshake is a modern platform for all on-campus and experiential learning student hiring. Template for creating Handshake job (useful for collaboration prior to posting the job in Handshake)
Interview Questions and Candidate Tracking Spreadsheet Printable template of common interview questions and a spreadsheet to track logistics (major, schedule, year, FWS/non-FWS, etc.)
Email Templates
Templates for emailing student applicants
Student Pay Scale Recommendations

Recommended hourly pay grades based on student experience levels

EPAF Directions Step-by-step EPAF directions (2016)
Video: Termination PA Video walk-through of completing a Termination PA for student employee. (Paper PA required.)
Approver EPAF and Web Time Keeping Manual Timesheet manual
Employment Acknowledgement Template Printable example of work agreement between office and student
Student Onboarding Checklist   Checklist of policies and useful information to go over during the first week of work/training
Timesheet Adjustment Time In/Time Out (Paper Timesheet) Use this form to revise timesheets and for late submissions; submit to PAYROLL once complete
Additional Hours Request Use to request that students work over the maximum for a limited period of time
Warning Notice Printable form outlining student employee infractions. Use to document, communicate and correct on-the-job performance issues after a verbal warning.
Student Employee Performance Evaluation Performance evaluations to be completed at the conclusion of each semester. See details and instructions here.

Job Offer Letter Form for SSN

This form is completed by departments when international students need a social security letter, and in other special hiring circumstances.

The job offer letter is required by the Social Security Administration to apply for a SSN. Typically, this form is only used by departments when a student is NOT hired through the electronic payroll authorization form (EPAF) system, though there are a few exceptions (e.g.: TA/RA/GA students and ARC Supplemental Instructors).
FWS Hiring Form For hiring Federal Work-Study students only
FWS Budget Calculator Template A template to assist departments in managing their Federal Work-Study student employee budgets.
Stipend Deadlines 2016-2017  Pay date and entry deadlines for stipend students (TAs, RAs, GAs) for the current Academic Year
Management Resources:
8 Simple Rules for Managing Student Workers
10 Principles For Working Across Generations

Useful Internal Websites

International Center
Office of Financial Aid
Federal Work-Study
Payroll Forms
Payroll Calendars and Deadlines

Useful External Websites

Illinois Department of Labor
Students and Employment: Authorization Information (
Foreign Students: I-9 Information (
Internal Revenue Service (IRS)