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U-Pass Program

Illinois Institute of Technology participates in CTA's UPass program. The CTA U-Pass offers unlimited rides for students on any CTA bus or train during the semester. CTA transitioned to the Ventra Upass card in August 2013 and you will keep the same Ventra Upass card for five years. When school is not in session or you do not qualify as a full-time student you will be able to add money to your card and use it as a transit card. More information on your Ventra UPass can be found here.

Only students who are registered for full time academic hours (Grad students - 9 hours, Undergrad students -12 hours) are eligible to participate in the U-Pass program. The U-Pass fee of $135.00 is a mandatory fee for all full time students and can only be waived by distance learning students who reside 50 miles or more from main campus. All requests to waive the UPass fee must be submitted by email each semester to by the end of the 4th week of classes. Requests submitted after the 4th week will not be considered.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact Vickie Tolbert in the Office of Student Affairs (MTC 209 or If you miss the initial UPass distribution date, you can pick up your UPass in the Office of the Student Affairs (MTCC 209). School of Design students should contact Rachel Dean.

If you are transferring from another institution and already have a Ventra Upass card, you may be able to have it transferred to IIT . Email us at Please include your name, student ID number, name of the college you are transferring from and the 16 digit number on the back of your card.

If you have misplaced your UPass, you can order a replacement card online.

Notes about U-Pass

  • Only you can use your U-Pass.You cannot share or sell your U-pass. If this rule is violated and your UPass is confiscated your UPass privileges will be canceled by CTA for a full year (you will still be charged the UPass fee).
  • You cannot use your U-Pass on Metra or Pace.
  • If you drop below full time during the semester, you must notify Vickie Tolbert ( in the Office of the Dean of Students immediately. Failure to do so will result in cancellation of your UPass; additionally you may not be allowed to activate your next semester's UPass until after the add/drop date. A second violation will result in permanent cancellation of your Ventra card. Once your Ventra card is cancelled it will cost you $50 to obtain a new one.

Spring 2017 Dates

MIES CAMPUS, ID AND STUART returning students

  • For the Spring semester your UPass will be active from January 9, 2017 through May 6, 2017.
  • Upasses are scheduled to activate on January 9, 2017 for returning students who are registered full time by  January 1st. After January 1st information to CTA will be provided again after the add/drop date. If you became full time after January 1st and would like your UPass activated now, please email the Office of Student Affairs at . Once we receive your request your UPass will activate within 24 hours.
  • Make sure you do not have an outstanding balance on your Ventra account. If you do, your UPass will not activate until the balance is cleared. We recommend that you check your balance and UPass status here  before trying to use it for the first time this semester.
  • For questions about your balance contact Ventra at 877-669-8368.

Students New to Illinois Tech This Semester

  • We will be taking pictures Monday, August 20th and Tuesday, August 21st in the MTCC Ballroom. If you miss both of those dates, you can order your UPass in MTCC 209.
  • If you participated in summer SOAR your UPass is likely pre printed. You can pick it up Monday, August 20th and Tuesday, August 21st in the MTCC Ballroom. After August 21, you can pick it up in the OneStop office (MTCC 106)