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SASDI Fellows Program

The Fellows Program through Illinois Institute of Technology’s Office of Student Access, Success, and Diversity Initiatives (SASDI) provides a unique opportunity to be part of something exciting and meaningful within higher education – to work on projects of consequence and to interact with the leadership at the university. Fellows can volunteer, work, and/or do research with SASDI to gain additional professional experience, to learn different perspectives and approaches, and to expand professional networks. In every case, our Fellows are integrated into real SASDI projects, processes, and teams, offering a unique opportunity to build expertise and make a tangible difference within the university.

Areas of focus

While individuals can be SASDI Fellows, bridging more than one area of focus, they can also specialize and serve specifically as Career Services Fellows, for example. The areas of focus currently include: Career Services, Student Employment, Global Leaders Program, and University Ideas Incubator. They can focus on any number of professional competencies, such as systems, career development, talent and acquisition development, leadership effectiveness, process design, change management, and data analytics.


We welcome professionals from the U.S. and abroad who represent a diverse array of backgrounds, perspectives, and levels of experience. The Fellows Program can be customized to meet the full range of experience, being open to: junior professionals, graduate students, seasoned professionals, and individuals who are looking to learn and grow outside of their traditional experience – all who aspire to gain new and significant experience along the way. A small selection of especially experienced professionals may be invited to be Senior Fellows. We also welcome students and scholars to study and comment on the processes introduced to them and to prepare papers for academic journals or conferences.

Time commitment

The time commitment is flexible, depending on the availability of the Fellow and on the needs of the project. The time commitment could be anywhere from five hours a week to full time, from a minimum of two months to a maximum of twelve. Fellowships may start and end as required by the project; dates are not necessarily bound to the academic or calendar year.


While most fellowships at this time are unpaid, participants will benefit in other ways. Each Fellow is assigned a Mentor, according to their areas of interest, their professional background, and their projects. They will meet regularly to determine and track professional development goals, to gauge and support growth, and to ensure that Fellows are getting the most out of their experiences. Fellows receive a personalized email address, are invited to all appropriate SASDI and university functions, and can receive complimentary career coaching.


All Fellows must have a bachelor’s degree, speak English at a professional level, pass a background check, and have a fundamental commitment to the SASDI Mission and Vision ( Fellows must be able to transport themselves to the Mies (Main) Campus of Illinois Tech (10 W. 35th Street, Chicago, Illinois, USA), which is where the majority, if not all, of the fellowship would take place. Additionally, Fellows must be able to work on diverse teams, to take initiative, and to maintain an open mind.

Sample position description

The Career Services Fellow (CSF) will work to improve placement of and career services for graduate and undergraduate students and assess, propose, and develop implementation plans for technology, tools, policies, and procedures in Career Services and Student Employment. The CSF will actively work with and develop strategies for current students and alumni to help them obtain employment offers by commencement; assist Illinois Tech alumni in career planning and job placement, and advise undergraduate students in their graduate school plans and career path. The CSF will also work as a consultant in the office of Student Employment on trainings and programming related to quality of work, on-the-job training for students, professional development, standards of performance, performance evaluation, and more.


Henry Moss is a Senior SASDI Fellow, serving from 2017-2018, focusing on climate advocacy and green career paths. Climate change is one of humanity's greatest challenges and its solution depends on the global mobilization of technology and policy ingenuity. An essential component of this mobilization is the activation of inspired students as change agents for the global transition to a clean energy economy.

Henry will provide outreach education for student organizations on “The Issues & Solutions to Climate Change.” This initiative is expected to help students clarify their career path by increasing their awareness of the urgency to solve climate change and the career opportunities to be part of the solution.

After a 25-year career at Abbott Laboratories launching new medical technologies, Henry transitioned into his active involvement with environmental issues by marketing new-tech environmental products. For the last five years he has been an active member of Citizens Climate Lobby, a nonprofit, nonpartisan, volunteer organization, whose mission is to empower the american public to take action with their members of congress for a solution to climate change. Finally, he has been trained by Vice President Al Gore in climate science and communications to help communities take action for a solution to climate change providing outreach education for colleges, faith institutions, clubs, and municipal leadership.

Scott Downs was the first Senior SASDI Fellow, serving from 2016-2018. He created a Career Creative Curriculum that seeks to help young people (and those young at heart) discover and bring to life their sense of inspiration and purpose. The curriculum includes a range of resources in the form of personal and organisational leadership tools, mental models, and core practices, curated from many sources that the team consider to be the cutting edge of innovative leadership and personal development practice today. He also co-authored an e-book, Conversations of Inquiry. His favorite part of the fellowship was the co-creative dialogue and partnership with many amazing members of the SASDI team. Scott spent 20 years as a banker, latterly as a Managing Director at JPMorgan. Since then, he has worked in consulting, entrepreneurship, and leadership development. He now focuses on calling forward great leaders and great organisations based on great cultures - cultures grounded in purpose and inspiration.

Past SASDI Fellows
  • Lauren Joyce
  • Michael Kuhn
  • Tiffany Liner
  • Annie Ross
  • Tracy Skala
  • Elyse Yarnell


If you are interested in learning more, please contact Megan Mozina, Director of Strategic Alignment, at In the email include your résumé and a brief description of your area(s) of interest, as well as “Interest in SASDI Fellowship” in the subject line. This is a rolling process with no particular deadline, so we welcome interested individuals to reach out to us at any time of the year.