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Late Registration Petition and Fee Waiver

Illinois Institute of Technology expects all students to finalize their registration of classes in accordance with university deadlines. In extreme circumstances, a late registration request can be submitted for review to the student's academic advisor, course instructor, and chair of the department offering the course.


  1. Complete and print the Late Registration Petition form.
  2. Acquire signatures from your academic advisor, the course instructor, and the chair of the department offering the course.
  3. Bring the completed Late Registration Petition form to the One Stop Student Services Center located in the MTCC Room 106 or scan the form to

A late registration flat fee of $200 will applied to the student’s account if petition is approved.

Waiver of Late Registration Fee

Students may be registering late for classes due to illness, extenuating circumstances, or university error. The late registration fee may be waived in these situations. Complete the waiver section of the form, describing the details of your circumstance and attaching supporting documentation (required for illness; optional for others).

Please note that a waiver will not be granted for the following circumstances:

  1. I was unable to register due to a valid registration hold on my account.
  2. I was unable to register because there were no seats available in the course section that I wanted.

Deadline to submit waiver is the 4th Monday of the semester. All late registration petitions submitted after the 4th Monday will automatically be assessed the late registration fee regardless of circumstance. No waiver of fee will be allowed after the deadline.