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IIT Provost Dr. Alan Cramb

Welcome to Illinois Institute of Technology!

Illinois Tech’s excellence is rooted in our community’s research, innovation, and invention. We recently saw two examples of this excellence in action. The National Science Foundation presented Salim El Rouayheb, assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering, with a Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) Award to study cloud storage privacy, an increasingly important issue in today's big data climate. CAREER awards recognize junior faculty members for exemplifying “the role of teacher-scholars through outstanding research, excellent education, and the integration within the context of the mission of their organizations.”  

Kevin Tichauer, assistant professor of biomedical engineering, was also honored with a CAREER Award. Professor Tichauer along with faculty colleagues Jovan Brankov and Rajendra Mehta comprise the finalist team in the Nayar Prize competition. The Nayar Prize, sponsored by an Illinois Tech alumnus, challenges our faculty and students to think big and formulate solutions to major societal problems. Tichauer’s team is developing the ADEPT Cancer Imager, which will produce images of cancer at the cellular level so that drug delivery can be improved. Our benefactor has given a second Nayar Prize to the university so new teams of research collaborators can be provided with the opportunity to move the innovation needle forward.      

Other work continues on Illinois Tech research initiatives destined to make a meaningful difference in our communities and industries.  A major gift to our Department of Computer Science is allowing us to expand our facilities. Our planned Ed Kaplan Family Institute for Innovation and Tech Entrepreneurship, which promises to be an important node in Chicago’s tech ecosystem, is just one component of a larger effort to create a distinctive undergraduate educational experience. 

Our university prepares students to anticipate, manage, and adapt to change through an educational experience that is rigorous in the classroom and broadening outside of the classroom. Throughout the past century, we have become a campus rich in diversity, welcoming students from 100 countries and faculty from prestigious universities across the United States and around the world. We expect our graduates to be successful professionals, comfortable in our global economy, and recognized as leaders in whatever future that they choose.

There is more we can and will accomplish. And I invite you to join us on our journey.

Alan W. Cramb