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IIT Self-study Process

In preparation for reaccredidation in 2006-2007, IIT engaged in a significant exercise of self-study during which it examined all aspects of the university according to the NCA’s five major criteria. Composed of faculty, students, staff and administrative leadership, President Collens established a Working Committee, seven subcommittees, and an Institutional Planning Committee to lead the self-study process. In addition, the Trustee Institutional Planning Committee, with seven members of the university’s Board of Trustees, was an active participant in the process.

A detailed report of the institution’s findings was submitted in August 2006 to the Higher Learning Commission, which is part of the NCA. In October 2006, the Commission will send an evaluation team of expert and trained peers to IIT to conduct a comprehensive site visit. The evaluation team will summarize its findings, including recommendations regarding reaccreditation, into a final team report and submit this report to the Commission. The Commission will then make a final determination regarding IIT’s accreditation in January 2007.