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Final Self-Study Report

Results of the year-long, university-wide assessment process are encompassed in the 2006 Institutional Self-Study for the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. The self-study report is available both in its entirety and as a series of chapters. Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print the report. Download a copy of Acrobat here.

» Download the complete report (7.8 M)Table of Contents

  1. Preface and Overview
  2. NCA Criterion One—Mission and Integrity
  3. NCA Criterion Two—Preparing for the Future
  4. NCA Criterion Three—Student Learning and Effective Teaching
  5. NCA Criterion Four—Acquisition, Discovery, and Application of Knowledge
  6. NCA Criterion Five—Engagement and Service
  7. Recommendations
  8. Appendix
  9. Addendum: Federal Compliance Programs

Referenced Documents and Websites

Report SectionPage
Preface and Overview
2010 Plan iii
National Commission Recommendations iii
IIT Website iv
Academic Unit Descriptions iv
Main Campus Virtual Tour v
Faculty Handbook ix
Criterion One—Mission and Integrity
IIT Mission, Vision, and Values 5
Minority and Women Owned Business Policy 8
Diversity Statement 9
Faculty Search Procedures 9
Unit Mission Statements 9
IIT Bylaws 9
EthicsPoint 11
Criterion Two—Preparing for the Future
Criterion Three—Teaching and Learning
Interprofessional Projects (IPRO) Program 33
      NCA iGROUP - Secure Site for Evaluation Team  
Chicago-Kent College of Law Graduate Program Objectives 36
General Education Program Assessment Protocols 37
Law School Faculty Qualifications 41
Library Information Technology Resources 48
IIT Online - Resources for Faculty 49
IIT Online - Assessment of Student Learning 50
Student Center for Diversity and Inclusion 50
Academic Resource Center 53
Office of Educational Services 55
Paul V. Gavin Library 56
Downtown Campus Library 57
Office of Student Affairs 57
Counseling Center 58
International Center 58
Criterion Four—Acquisition, Discovery, and Application of Knowledge
Faculty Handbook 62
Student Handbook 63
Office of Sponsored Research and Programs 63
Office of Technology Transfer and Intellectual Property 63
Office of Research Compliance and Proposal Development 64
Policy for the Protection of Human Research Subjects 64
Research Centers & Service, Education, and Outreach Centers 64
Faculty honors 66
2004 Annual Report 66
2005 President's Report 66
IIT Website 66
IIT Today 66
IIT Magazine 66
The Graduate Connection 66
The Record 66
TechNews 66
The IIT Research Report 67
Current Interprofessional Projects (IPROs) 71
Research Funding 73
Student Affairs Programming 74
Undergraduate Language and Culture Programs 76
General Education Program Assessment Protocols (same as Criterion 3) 76
Safety Programs 78
Office of Research Compliance & Proposal Development 78
Acceptable Use of Computing Resources 79
Policy for Use of Online Services 79
Copyright and Fair Use Information: Reproduction of Materials for Research and Teaching 79
Faculty Reserves Packet 79
Copyright Clearance Acknowledgement 79
Faculty Guide to Plagiarism 79
Online Services Policy (Downtown Campus Library) 79
Criterion Five—Engagement and Service
Community Development Achievements 84
Digital Media Center Partners 84
Academic Outreach Programs 85
Center for Professional Development 87
Office of Continuing Legal Education 87
Service Learning Pathway 90
Interprofessional Project (IPRO) Case Studies 91
Camras Pathways to Professional Excellence Program 91
Leadership Academy 91
Jules F. Knapp Entrepreneurship Center 91
Campus Facility Use by External Constituents 93
University Technology Park 94
Digital Medial Center Plan 95
Alumni Engagement Plan 96
International Collaborations 97
Academic Unit Collaborations 98
Statement on Student Transfer Credit Policies 100
Addendum: Federal Compliance Programs
Campus Safety Reports 142
IIT Website 144
Student Handbook 144

Illinois Institute of Technology is accredited by:
The Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools

Commission URL:
Commission Phone: 312-263-0456