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Final Evaluation Team Report

The team recommends continued accreditation for Illinois Institute of Technology. Next comprehensive visit: 2016-2017.

Illinois Institute of Technology meets all the criteria required for continued accreditation. The university has an appropriately articulated mission; faculty and administrative expertise to deliver high quality academic programs and services; concern for student learning, engagement with the community, and effective board of trustee support. The university has the necessary resources to continue fulfilling its mission. Significant changes in practice, processes and monitoring in the areas of enrollment and fiscal management and the adaptability to meet the needs of changing constituencies, societal trends and needs are evidence of focused attention to the future of the university.

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October 15–18 2006


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Report SectionPage
I. Context and Nature of Visit
Purpose of Visit 4
Organization Context 4
Unique Aspects of Visit 4
Sites or Branch Campuses Visited 4
E. Distance Education Reviewed 4–5
F. Interactions with Constituencies 5–8
G. Principal Documents, Materials, and Web Pages Reviewed 8–9
II. Commitment to Peer Review
A. Comprehensiveness of the Self-Study Process 10
B. Integrity of the Self-Study Report 10
C. Adequacy of Progress in Addressing Previously Identified Challenges 10
D. Notification of Evaluation Visit and Solicitation of Third-Party Comment 10–11
III. Compliance with Federal Requirements  
Compliance with Federal Requirements 11
IV. Fulfillment of the Criteria  
Criterion One: Mission and Integrity 11–12
Criterion Two: Preparing for the Future 12–14
Criterion Three: Student Learning and Effective Teaching 14–17
Criterion Four: Acquisition, Discovery, and Application of Knowledge 17–19
Criterion Five: Engagement and Service 20–22
V. Statement of Affiliation Status
Statement of Affiliation Status 22–23


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Report SectionPage
I. Overall Observations About the Organization
Overall Observations About the Organization 4
II. Consultation of the Team  
Diversity 4–6
Communication 6–7
Co-Curricular Activities 7–8
Concluding Thoughts on Assessment of Student Learning 8
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Illinois Institute of Technology is accredited by:
The Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools

Commission URL:
Commission Phone: 312-263-0456