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Transportation to Illinois Tech

O’Hare International Airport Arrivals

The main airport in Chicago, O'Hare International Airport, is also one of the world’s largest and busiest. When your flight arrives at the international terminal, you may spend two hours retrieving your luggage and getting through immigration. If you are entering the United States at a different location than Chicago, please make sure to allow sufficient time for connecting flights.


The 2016 Fall AMGP offers new and returning Illinois Tech international students a free ride from O’Hare to Main Campus via coach bus, sponsored by the International Center and the Office of Student Affairs.

Shuttles will run August 11-17, 2016, at 6pm daily. No registration required; the shuttle is on a first come, first served basis.

Meet at Terminal 5 in the baggage claim area. Look for AMGP Coordinators wearing red Illinois Tech T-shirts and holding AMGP Illinois Tech signs.

Drop-Off Location

Main Campus at the McCormick Student Village (MSV).

If you will arrive earlier in the day, take a taxi, share a shuttle van, or ride the Chicago Transit Authority O’Hare elevated train (the "L") to Main Campus. All three are safe and efficient ways to travel. Should you need assistance, look for our AMGP Coordinators, who will be in the Terminal 5 arrivals area August 11-17 from 2:30pm until the shuttle bus departs at 6pm.


Follow the airport signs to the taxi stand outside the terminal. Only accept rides from taxis that queue at this location. The fare is metered and there is a separate charge for luggage. Sign-Up: Click here. Cost: $50, approximately (plus 15% tip) Time: about 45 minutes


Leave O'Hare every five to ten minutes. Tickets may be purchased at the kiosk outside of the International Terminal and at the lower levels of Terminals 1, 2, and 3 at the counters across from the baggage claim. Continental Airport Express also offers shuttles to northern suburban locations.  Cost:  $40 (plus $5 tip), approximately.


The Chicago Transit Authority O’Hare elevated train (the "L") station is located at Terminal 2. If you arrive at another terminal, you will need to take the trains inside O’Hare to get to Terminal 2. Then, take the Blue Line to the Jackson stop and change to the Red Line toward Dan Ryan/95th. The Illinois Tech stop is at Sox/35th Street. You will exit the train station toward 35th Street. Cost: $2.50. Trip length: 1.5 hours, approximately. For more information, go to

Midway International Airport Arrivals


Cost: $35 (plus 15% tip), approximately. Trip length: 20-30 minutes, depending upon traffic. There is a taxi stand at ground level outside the arrival area of each terminal at Midway Airport.



Follow the signs in the terminal to the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) elevated (the "L") train station. Take the CTA Orange Line toward the Loop/Downtown to the Roosevelt stop. Then change to the Green Line train in the  direction of Ashland/63rd. The Illinois Tech stop at 35th/Bronzeville/IIT is located one block south of Main Campus. For more information, go to

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