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Room Change

Looking for a room change?

Residence and Greek Life will consider a room change request when there is an extenuating circumstance that will negatively impact the well being and success of a resident due to the environment they live in. In that case, a resident must meet the criteria herein outlined, provide the necessary documentation, and complete this form.

Emergency situations are an exception and you should find your RA or go to your CDA for emergency circumstances.

If you are experiencing a roommate conflict, please schedule a time to discuss the issue with your Resident Assistant (RA) or Residence Hall Director (RHD).

Residents that did not receive housing in one of their top 3 housing selections in their applications are eligible to be placed on a waitlist during the first 2 weeks of the semester. Those that opt into participating in the Waitlist will be contacted once their preferred room type comes available. The Waitlist is NOT a solution to change rooms due to a roommate conflict, all requests to change rooms due to roommate conflicts must go through the RA and then RHD first.