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Housing Assignments/Room Selection

Housing Assignments for incoming students

The 2017-2018 Room and Board Contract for new incoming students is available for submission now.  The application and contract must be fully completed and submitted. Please take the time to read through the contract before submission. Your work can be saved if you need to stop mid-way.  Assignments for students moving to campus in spring 2017 will be made in early December.  Assignments for students moving in the Fall will be made in early July.

New this year: Graduate students can contract to live on campus for just the fall semester. Meal plans are optional for graduate students who have access to an in-unit kitchen (Carman or Gunsaulus Hall) or the community kitchen in MSV (Graduate Hall).

Returning Students

As a returning student in the room selection process, you will be able to select your room and preferred meal plan through the Room Selection Process. In order to participate in this process, you must compete a returner or family housing contract. You can get to your contract by going to

Below are the dates for contracts and room selection!

Room selection  Information and Dates

Individuals will be given the option to keep their current space before Room Reservation starts; this period is called "nesting". If you "nest" in your room, you have the opportunity to pull in a roommate (if your roommate is not also nesting). To do this, please complete the Priority Unit Selection & Nesting Request Form. The link to this form is provided in the email confirmation you recive at the completion of your housing contract. The Nesting & Priority Unit Form must be completed by one person ging through priority selection.

Individuals can also submit a Nesting & Priority Unit Form and get early access, regardless of class status, if you can fill a Carman 1 Bedroom & Den, Gunsaulus 2 Bedroom, SSV 6 bedroom, or SSV 3 Bedroom unit!

housing contracts & priority unit selection/nesting

Friday March 10         
Info Session #1 Contracts, Nesting, Room Selection
Returner Housing Contract opens
Family Housing Contract OpensNesting & Priority Unit Form is available
Thursday March 23
Info Session #2 Contracts & Room SelectionNesting & Priority Unit Form completed and submitted to RGL by 5:00PM

The 2017-2018 Individual Room Selection for returning students is available according to class level. Once you have completed your contract you will receive a designated time slot and date based on your class level to select your preferred room.

Room selection by Class Status

Monday April 3 Room Selection Open to Current Graduate, 5th year, 4th year students
Tuesday April 4 Room Selection Open to Current 3rd year students
Wednesday April 5 Room Selection Open to Current 2nd year students
Thursday April 6 Room Selection Open to Current 1st year, Visiting, Exchange, & Continuing Ed Students
Friday April 7 All current students have access to the Individual Room Selection
Thursday April 20    
Individual Unit Selection closes at 11:59pm

NOTE: Residents of first year communities (North Hall, South Hall, Lewis 3 & 4, & SSV Middle)  cannot nest! Also, residents on Lewis 1st, Carman 2nd, and non-graduate students in Graduate Hall cannot nest.









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