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Moving Out


Non-graduating students must move out of the Residence Halls by noon on May 10th.

Graduating students must move out by noon on May 17th.

The Residence Halls close for all non-Summer residents on  May 18th. 


Before leaving for the summer, remember that the USPS no longer allows the University’s mailroom to forward mail. It is your responsibility to notify people sending you mail of your new address. All mail received for your box after the residence halls have closed will be returned to the sender. Your mailbox key should be returned to the MTCC Post Office.

If you are staying for the summer, you will keep your mailbox number you were assigned in the Fall, but you will go to the Post Office to pick up any mail instead of your mailbox.

Your Meal Plan

The Commons will close on Saturday, May 9th after dinner. Remember, bonus points are not transferable between academic years, and will be removed at the close of Spring semester.