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Room Change

If you are seeking a room change, please visit the Residence and Greek Life Office in MSV to obtain a Room Change Request Form or apply online. Read all directions at the top of the form carefully, as our process has changed.

Room changes are based on resident eligibility and room type availability. Not all room changes will be approved. Requests that are unapproved will be held until the end of each semester's room change period. Unapproved room change requests will be canceled at the end of the room change period.

To be considered for a room change, residents must submit the Room Change Request Form and Room Change Request - Cover, which can be obtained from their Resident Advisor. Completed forms should be submitted to he Residence and Greek Life office with all required signatures. Incomplete forms, or forms missing the Room Change Request - Cover will not be accepted. Individuals will need to speak with their RA and RHD before submitting the room change form.

Requests will be reviewed on Thursdays. We will contact you via email regarding the status of your request by Friday at 12pm.

NOTE: There is a 2 week room freeze at the beginning of each semester.

Important reminders

Room changes are processed based on the purpose of the change, the date of submission, and available bed spaces. Not all room changes will be approved. Requests will be kept on file for the room change period. If the request is not granted in the room change period it was submitted, a new request must be submitted for the following room change period.

Once the form is received, Residence and Greek Life will communicate via email. Please provide your current IIT, Shimer or Vandercook email address. Print clearly.

Room change types

Room Change

A room change is when a resident wants to move into a different building, hall or room. Provide your top two choices for a room change. Please remember, that SSV residents are not permitted to move into MSV or GU after the start of their contract. If you do not have a room preference, instead provide the room type you want to move into (ie MSV double or GU Studio).

Room Swap

A room swap is when all roommates involved agree to change to a new room to allow for residents to live with the preferred roommate. Attach a written statement of where each roommate prefers to move. Signatures of all roommates are required.

Roommate Request

A roommate request is when a resident wants to move into a room with an available empty bed space with a preferred roommate. Signature of the preferred roommate is required.

For questions or additional information, contact the Residence and Greek Life staff at: or by telephone at: 312.567.5075.