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Move In

Welcome to Illinois Institute of Technology! Whether you are a new or returning resident, we hope you find this information helpful when planning your move to campus housing. Please take the time to review the important information. We are busy preparing for your campus arrival, and we look forward to welcoming you soon!

The 2016-2017 academic year will be full of learning experiences for you, both in the classroom and in your new community. The staff of the Residence and Greek Life Office is prepared to help you make a smooth transition. Our staff will be up bright and early to help make your move-in just right!

Your Move In Day Experience


  • Bring your student ID to your designated residence hall check-in location. All check-in locations are in McCormick Student Village. Pick up your keys, Room Condition Form (RCF) and Residence Hall Handbook.
  • If you need a moving truck, you are bringing too much! However, a dolly or hand truck will be helpful for a quick move in.
  • Label your boxes! Pack smaller boxes that are not too heavy. Not all buildings have elevators, and it is common for lines to be very long when waiting for the elevator.
  • Recruit family and friends to assist you. When you are unloading your car and getting your belongings up to your room quickly, it is beneficial to have helping hands.
  • Bring your patience. Residence and Greek Life staff will be at all buildings to make your Move-In day seamless. Traffic can be heavy with nearly 1,500 residents and families moving in.
  • Observe all parking restrictions and traffic patterns. Don’t park in fire lanes, service areas, driving lanes, roadways, or other areas not designated for parking.
  • Return the Room Condition Form to Residence and Greek Life no later than 48 hours after check in.  Turn it in the day you move in to avoid losing it! A $50 fee will be assessed to residents who fail to turn their RCF in on time.

Room and Board Change Request Forms

Residence and Greek Life understands that your preferences may have changed since you submitted your 2016-2017 Room and Board Contract.  Use the online forms below to submit requests for room and board changes, and contract cancellation.

For more information, please email Residence and Greek Life at or call us at 312.567.5075.


For more information about the Surprise Someone Program, visit and click on the Gifts link or call 312.567.5251.