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Rooms include bunkable bed frames with mattresses (size XL Twin), drapes or mini-blinds, dressers, study desk and chair, telephone jack, and access to wireless network. Apartment style housing may include additional furnishing. Room layouts and dimensions are available for standard room types on the Residence and Greek Life website here.


Lofts can only be rented for residents living in MSV and Gunsaulus. Place your order online at: Lofts are not available for SSV and Carman. Any non-approved lofts will need to be removed by the resident immediately. Residents cannot construct their own lofts. No furniture can be removed to accommodate lofts, as additional storage space is not available.


Micro-fridges (microwave and refrigerator combo) are available for semester and academic year rentals. Place your order online at:

NOTE: There is a maximum of one refrigerator or micro-fridge per room or apartment.


Residence and Greek Life provides microwaves in common areas of most residence halls. Residents living in units without kitchens who wish to have a microwave in their room must rent a ‘Micro-Fridge’ from Bedloft, an approved IIT vendor. Due to constraints on power supply and energy consumption, only one micro-fridge or mini-fridge is permitted per room. Residents should communicate with their roommate(s) to determine how to supply and/or share a micro-fridge or mini-fridge. Residents of MSV, SSV North, and SSV Middle may not have a separate microwave in their room. Residents of SSV South, Carman, or Gunsaulus may have a separate microwave in their unit, provided it is stored and used only in the kitchen area. Only one (1) microwave is permitted per unit.

Residents who wish to rent a micro-fridge must do so through the Bedloft website.


Refrigerators allowed in resident rooms are subject to restrictions dictated by safety and health considerations. Approved refrigerators should not exceed 3.0 cubic feet (or 4.0 cubic feet if energy star rated) and should not draw more than 2.0 amps. All wiring should be UL-approved and properly grounded. There is a maximum of one refrigerator or micro-fridge per room or apartment. Microwaves are not permitted, although there are microwaves in public spaces throughout the residence halls.