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Indirect Cost Rates

Illinois Institute of Technology has a new indirect cost rate agreement with the federal government dated May 8, 2009.

The following indirect cost rates apply to grants and contracts for research, training and other public service projects for the period June 1, 2009 through May 31, 2012.

On-Campus research




On-Campus non-research


Moffett Center (Non-FDA)


Moffett Center (FDA)


The above percentages are applied to Modified Total Direct Costs (MTDC), which consists of all direct costs except equipment, tuition, tuition remission, participant support, space rental and subcontract costs over $25,000.

For grants from corporate sponsors the indirect cost rates will continue to be:

On-Campus research


Off-Campus research


IPRO projects


NOTE: Projects conducted at the Institute of Design, Fermi and Argonne National Laboratories, or Rice Campus will use off-campus indirect cost rates.

OMB Circular A-21 Section G.7 states:

Federal agencies shall use the negotiated rates for F&A (aka indirect costs) costs in effect at the time of the initial award throughout the life of the sponsored agreement. "Life" for the purpose of this subsection means each competitive segment of a project. A competitive segment is a period of years approved by the Federal funding agency at the time of the award. If negotiated rate agreements do not extend through the life of the sponsored agreement at the time of the initial award, then the negotiated rate for the last year of the sponsored agreement shall be extended through the end of the life of the sponsored agreement. Award levels for sponsored agreements may not be adjusted in future years as a result of changes in negotiated rates.

This means that the F&A rate used is determined by the award date rather than the project period of the award.