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LaTeX Step 7

STEP 7: Sample File and Your Thesis

sample3 is a sample file prepared using the iitthesis_class style file. It is recommended that you run this sample file in LaTeX and see the dvi or pdf output files that are generated in the same folder. Note that the style file should be in the same folder as your tex file (sample3) to avoid compile errors. The font files (font12, font11) should also be in that folder.

Begin by making a folder (e.g. mythesis) on your disk and copy thesis_class style file and font12font11 font files there. Open a new file in your editor (e.g. WinEdt) and save it in mythesis folder. Then define the style file for your thesis using /documentclass{} command. You may easily copy and paste the needed macro commands from sample3 into your file and change the arguments only. You can compile your file and make dvi, ps or pdf outputs any time during your work. If your thesis has a bibliography, the following steps should be taken to generate correct outputs:

  1. Run LaTeX, generating a list of \cite references in its auxiliary file (.aux).
  2. Run BibTeX, which reads the auxiliary file, and looks up the references in databases (.bib files) and writes a file with bbl extension.
  3. Run LaTeX again, which reads the bbl file
  4. Run LaTeX a third time, resolving all references.

If you are using WinEdt, you need to click on dvi preview icon DVI Icon to generate the dvi file and view it. To create the pdf output file, first do dvi to ps conversion by clicking on DVI to PS Icon, and then ps to pdf conversion with PS to PDF Icon icon. Note that a pdf file created with a conversion from dvi to pdf directly will not contain eps figures at the pdf output file.

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