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LaTeX Step 6

Thesis Style File and Help File

thesis_class is a style file provided for writing Master or PhD thesis according to Illinois Institute of Technology thesis format using LaTeX, LaTeX2e. This style file has some variations from the Thesis Manual in style of List of Figures and List of Tables. However, these changes have been approved by the thesis examiner. All thesis manual layout requirements such as, front page, acknowledgement page, table of contents, list of tables, list of figures, abstract, appendix, bibliography & index are defined in the style file. You should include the iitthesis.cls file at the beginning of your file and familiarize yourself with the “macro” commands defined in style file. Looking at sample.tex sample file may be a great help in this regard. Note that these “macro” commands, which are defined in style file, are different from LaTeX own commands although the names may be similar (e.g. \Chapter{}, \Section{})

  • Style Help describes how to use the style file and run LaTeX.
  • Table Help includes detailed information about making tables.
  • Figure Helpprovides info about including figures in your thesis.
  • Bibliography Helpcontains instructions for making bibliography.

Some examples are also included in these files.

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