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LaTeX Step 3

Why use LaTeX

If you are writing a document with many expressions, equations, tables, and cross-references and you need to format the document and bibliography to suit various publications, then LaTeX is the best choice. All cross-references, bibliography, and indexing is handled automatically by LaTeX. In addition, there is no need for manual renumbering of figures, tables, and formulae when you make changes to the document. LaTeX has several advantages:

  • It's free. (You may download MikeTeX for free)
  • LaTeX is extensible. If you want a new feature, you can look around for a free add-on or write one yourself.
  • It is simply the best package for documents containing mathematics.
  • It is portable with the use of standard commands and everyone can read and exchange documents.
  • The source file is purely alphanumeric. It can be read by eye or posted by e-mail avoiding problems associated with different versions or binary files.
  • Despite its reputation for being difficult to use, LaTeX is effectively the same as HTML!
  • There is a vast library of styles and packages available.

The only disadvantage is that LaTeX it is not WYSIWIG.

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