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LaTeX Step 1


Learning LaTeX, a software with powerful typesetting capabilities, is no more difficult than mastering a word processing software with an equation editor. LaTeX can number and remember equations, figures, and tables automatically, insert numbers in the body of a thesis, automate the labeling of references and insertion of these labels in the text. It can also modify font size and type according to your instructions and generate tables of content, nomenclature, and indexes.

The following steps are to introduce LaTeX, and outline the procedure that leads to a printed document conforming to IIT thesis style, while providing tips on the use of various LaTeX commands. Introductory information about the software, its installation, and its basic layouts and commands will be presented first. Then the style file (thesis_class) containing the thesis format required by IIT, plus a sample thesis file and some help files on tables, figures, and bibliography are introduced.

Using the thesis_class style file in your thesis project file, you just need to follow the format and instructions available in help files - and review the sample file if necessary - to successfully create your thesis in LaTeX.

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