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Semesters of Eligibility

If you entered as a first-year student, your eligibility for assistance from the university is normally limited to your first eight academic semesters (four years) at IIT, or 10 academic semesters (five years) for students in the College of Architecture. This includes academic coursework completed at another institution during a regular academic year, regardless of whether or not you received financial aid while attending that institution.

Semesters of assistance for a transfer student are determined after a review of the student's previous college enrollment.

Exceptions to these policies must be approved by the Appeals Committee on University Financial Aid, which is chaired by the vice provost for admissions and financial aid. Appeals for a one-semester extension follow the institutional scholarship appeal process. Students who may require a year-long course to meet degree requirements should make their educational plans explicit in the very first communication with the Office of Financial Aid.

The Office of Financial Aid expects that appeals will be fully supported by the student's academic advisor, and/or Educational Services, and/or the Office of the Associate Provost for Undergraduate Affairs.

NOTE: This does not include coursework taken while studying abroad through enrollment in a program that is not sponsored by Illinois Institute of Technology.