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ROTC Scholarship Policy

All three ROTC branches of the military are represented at IIT: Air Force, Army, and Navy. Interested students may apply for scholarships through the respective ROTC branches. For a full list of ROTC contract scholarships, including ROTC Room and Board Scholarships, please use the following PDF.

ROTC Contract Scholarship

Each military branch determines the scholarship award provided to the cadet and submits the information to the Office of Financial Aid and the Office of Student Accounting. The Office of Student Accounting posts branch awards to each cadet. If the branch indicates the cadet is eligible for only a partial branch award, IIT is responsible for the remaining balance up to the cost of tuition and mandatory fees. This additional award is posted by the Office of Financial Aid directly.

ROTC Room and Board Scholarship

Cadets receiving a branch scholarship are eligible for the ROTC Room and Board Scholarship, following the criteria below. The ROTC Room and Board Scholarship replaces any original institutional housing scholarship offered to a student.

Cadets opting to live in McCormick Student Village, graduate apartments, or IIT sororities will receive a ROTC Room and Board Scholarship covering up to the cost the standard double room in McCormick Student Village. The room and board scholarship also covers the cost of the student's selected meal plan up to the cost of the unlimited meal plan (formally the 19 meal plan). Cadets who qualify for a federal Pell or SEOG grant will have these awards combined with the ROTC Room and Board Scholarship to cover the housing charges on the student account. If a cadet elects a more costly housing option, he/she is free to do so but will be held responsible to cover the cost of housing personally.

Cadets who choose to live in State Street Village will not receive a ROTC Room and Board Scholarship.

Cadets who opt to live off campus will not receive a ROTC Room and Board Scholarship.

Cadets who matriculated prior to summer 2012: Cadets opting to live in IIT fraternity housing will receive a ROTC Room and Board Scholarship at a fixed rate of $2,588 per semester, regardless of fraternity choice, meal plan enrollment, or initial housing charges received.

ROTC Removal and Institutional Award Reinstatement

In the event that a cadet no longer elects to participate in the ROTC program or the ROTC program deems the cadet ineligible for a term, the cadet's financial aid will revert to the initial scholarship package offered to the student at the time of his/her admittance to the university.

ROTC Summer Continuation

There are no ROTC scholarship monies for students who wish to study at IIT during the summer term. A student's initial scholarship package will be utilized to calculate eligibility following the Summer Term Financial Aid Policy.