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IIT e~Print Tips, Techniques And FAQ's

Banner Finance repository

User ID

Your UID:

 an alphabetic string, usually last name and first initial, sometimes ending in a number.

Your myIIT password.

FRS Finance repository for information prior to FY 2008:

User ID 4-digit number. You can find it on FRS screen OPR or call the OTS Support Desk (312-567-3375).
Password  For most people, initial password is first inital of first name followed by MMDD of birthdate. Can be changed after signing in. ("Change Password" at top of e~Print screens).


"Drill down" to a list of available versions of the report from different dates (if available).

Search for specific key value(s).

(More information available in Help file.)


e~Print has very good Help files.

Click "Help on..." at top of e~Print screens.

e~Print uses Adobe Reader. If you don't have it, you can get it here.


What is e~Print?

e~Print is a web-based product that allows IIT to distribute numerous reports electronically. e~Print will include many reports currently available only in a "hard-copy", and also reports not currently available to most account administrators.

Electronic distribution will deliver existing and new budget reports quickly, reduce the cost of printing, and eliminate some of the physical tasks of bursting and delivery.

NOTE: There is an online tutorial available for e~Print.

Go to

Which reports can I view?

For principle investigators, e~Print will provide a summary of your grant expenditures, including payroll, in an easy-to-interpret format on a monthly basis.

The primary application, or report, at this time is the monthly FBM092 report, also known as "ledgers". This report is a monthly summary of the activity for each individual FRS account and will provide a concise look at your account, without having to navigate thru FRS screens. You can view the account statement, including monthly and year to date expenditures, the annual budget, budget available, list of open commitments, and detailed transactions made against the account.

The secondary application is the monthly EBC440EOM report, also known as the labor distribution. This report provides detailed information about payroll expenses, which are not available in FRS. This report will be available to FRS users who are designated as official budget managers, as defined by the controller's office. If you have questions, contact: Ken Johnston , Deputy Controller.

How do I get started?

You must already have access to Banner. If you don't, fill out a Banner Security Authorization Form and return the form.

  • Sign into FRS, pull up screen "OPR", and note your operator number.
  • Use that 4-digit number as your e~Print User ID.
  • The initial password for most people is: first initial of first name followed by MMDD of birthdate.
  • If you need to type in an operator ID and password when you log in to FRS, use that instead.

Go to the Controller's page , click the button to get to the e~Print page, then click "Login to e~Print." On the e~Print login screen, be sure the repository name shows "Finance", to view FRS information for your accounts.

Contact the OTS Support Desk At 312-567-3375 if you need assistance.

How do I change my e~Print password? Are there any limitations, such as size or use of special characters?

After you login to e~Print, there is a "Change Password" menu option just below the title line, in the center of the screen. The field size is very large, and there is no restriction on characters (special and spaces are OK).

What software do I need to use e~Print?

Current Web Browser: Version 4.0 or higher of Netscape Communicator or Version 4.0 or higher of Microsoft Internet Explorer. (NOTE: Netscape Communicator version 6.0 is not recommended at this time.)

Acrobat Reader: Version 5.0 or higher.

Note: if you use Microsoft Internet Explorer as your browser, configure Acrobat Reader to run outside the Browser. (See directions in 'Technical Troubleshooting' below for configuring Acrobat Reader to run outside the Browser.)

To get the latest version of Adobe Reader:
Contact the OTS Support Desk At 312-567-3375 if you need assistance downloading software.

General FAQ's

I get the following error message when I try to bring my reports up in the Acrobat Reader.

Individuals having access to hundreds of 6-digit accounts may encounter this error message. If you receive this error you need to use the "drill-down" and "search report" (looking glass) icons (explained in the online tutorial) to limit the number of accounts you load into your Acrobat Reader.

An online tutorial is available when logging into e~Print.

I do not have access to the proper 6-digit account numbers.

Your account access is the same as your current FRS access. To change it, fill out and return an FRS authorization from .

When I view reports on-line through the Acrobat Reader the screen jumps as I move to additional pages.

Smoother page transition is accomplished by setting the change display layout to continuous. This option is located at the bottom of the screen when you are in the Acrobat Reader.

How long will my reports stay out there on e~Print?

The plan is to keep reports in the repository for many years. With the ample disk space available, and the high compression e~Print utilizes, we should be able to store reports well beyond their normal usefulness.

As an official IIT budget manager, will I be able to view detail on payroll expenses charged against my account?

Currently, I can only see summary information in FRS.

Yes. Specific detail regarding whom the payroll expenses represent will be available in report EBC440EOM. This information will be available to official IIT budget managers, and will provide the detailed information that is not stored in FRS.

When do I need to use e~Print?

Use e~Print to view IIT reports on the web. FRS users will have access to view reports for the account numbers they access in the FRS system. Reports on e-print will provide information for the month, so you should continue to use the regular FRS screens for daily balancing and inquiry.

How much training will it take to use e~Print?

e~Print is easy to use and requires no formal training. It's a point and click environment. An online tutorial is available on the Controller's site.  Please use the guide to walk yourself through the process of retrieving reports.

The guide pertains to the general use of e~Print and is not customized for IIT specific reports. You will also be able to login into e~Print from this site. The link is on the Controller's site.  If you have any e~Print questions, contact the e~Print administrator, Ben Bozzetti.

Technical Troubleshooting

When I print a report, the printed copy does not look like the report displayed on my screen.

Contact the OTS Support Desk At 312-567-3375. The most common solution to this problem is to install the latest printer drivers on your machine.

My report display area is extremely small.

Configuring Acrobat Reader to run outside of the browser can increase the viewing area for the reports. (See directions in below for configuring Acrobat Reader to run outside the Browser.)

Configuring the Acrobat Reader to run outside of the browser.

Many users will want to integrate Adobe Acrobat Reader with their web browser, so that the PDF file will be displayed within the viewing area of the browser window. This is the default mode of operation.

However, some users may prefer to run Acrobat Reader in a stand-alone capacity. Below are some guidelines in configuring the Acrobat Reader for this feature.

  1. Start Adobe Reader.
  2. Open the "General Preferences" dialog of Acrobat Reader.
  3. Turn off the web browser integration feature:

Deselect (clear) the "Web Browser Integration" check box, or the "Display PDF In Browser" checkbox, and click the OK button.

I am using Microsoft Internet Explorer and I am having problems displaying reports.

To avoid display problems when using Microsoft Internet Explorer, configure Acrobat Reader to run outside the browser. (See directions above for configuring Acrobat Reader to run outside the Browser.)

I am using Microsoft Explorer and when I try to retrieve a PDF file (report) sometimes the window appears blank.

If this happens, try clicking the Refresh button, which should cause Acrobat Reader and the PDF file to both appear on the screen.

If I get locked out of e~Print, what should I do?

After a preset number of login attempts to the system, a user will be locked out. Contact the OTS Support Desk At 312-567-3375 to unlock your user account.