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Community Affairs

Vision Statement

Illinois Tech Community Affairs and Outreach Programs develops its diverse relationships with multiple constituencies in the Chicago area to create mutually beneficial opportunities between the university community and its external constituencies to create replicable and unique learning opportunities for its faculty and students as well as, producing life enhancing initiatives for the community and its members.

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Mission Statement

The Office of Community Affairs and Outreach Programs works to strengthen Illinois Tech's effectiveness in its surrounding neighborhoods, create mutually beneficial opportunities and leverage the university's student, faculty, staff and facility resources to help achieve community development goals in partnership with community organizations, institutions, business, and government.

Illinois Tech works hard to fulfill its obligation as a responsive institutional partner to its surrounding neighborhoods. Illinois Tech is not only in the community, but also an integral part of the community. Many volunteer opportunities are available for students, faculty and staff.

Promise and Tag Line

Community Affairs and Outreach Programs promises to create, connect, collaborate and share with all communities and respond with relevant, accurate and timely information.

"Illinois Tech
 is not only in the community, but also part of the community.”