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Academic Unit Ceremonies

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Academic unit ceremonies will take place on Saturday, May 16 between the hours of noon–3 p.m.

Please click the above links to see where each Academic Unit Ceremony will take place. Each ceremony is color-coded for your convenience. The bottom portion of your guest ticket will have the same color to allow your entry into this ceremony.

The program given to all guests at the Opening Ceremony will have a colored campus map indicating where all Academic Unit Ceremonies will take place. IIT volunteers will be on campus to help guide guests to their correct building along with signage to guide your way through campus. Shuttle buses will be available for guests who do not want to walk to the Academic Unit Ceremony from Ed Glancy Baseball Field.

IIT Armour College of Engineering - ARMOUR (RED) 

Ed Glancy Baseball Field, corner of 31st Street and Wabash Street
Same location as the Opening Ceremony
Click here to watch the ceremony via live stream.

IIT College of Architecture—ARCH (LAVENDER)

S.R. Crown Hall, Center Core
3360 South State Street

IIT Lewis College of Human Sciences

Ceremony by Department

Psychology—PSYC (PINK)

Siegel Hall, Room 118, Auditorium
3301 South Dearborn

Humanities and Social Sciences—HU/SS (BLUE)

IIT Tower, Auditorium
10 West 35th Street

IIT College of Science

Ceremony by Department

Applied Mathematics and Mathematics and Science Education—AM/MSED (LIGHT GREEN)

Perlstein Hall, Room 131, Auditorium
10 West 33rd Street

Biological, Chemical, and Physical Sciences—BCP (DARK GREEN)

Hermann Hall, Auditorium
3241 South Federal Street

Computer Science—CS (YELLOW)

Hyatt Regency McCormick Place, Ballroom
2233 South Martin Luther King Drive, Chicago

IIT Institute of Design—ID (DARK PURPLE)

Wishnick Hall, Room 113, Auditorium
3255 South Dearborn Street

IIT Intellectual Property Management and Markets—IPMM (GRAY)

Hermann Hall, Armour Dining Room, Lower Level
3241 South Federal Street

IIT School of Applied Technology—SAT (LIGHT BLUE)

Keating Sports Center
3040 South Wabash Avenue

Click here to watch the ceremony via live stream.

IIT Stuart School of Business—STUART (BROWN)

De La Salle Institute, Auditorium
3434 South Michigan Avenue

Click here to watch the ceremony via live stream.


Please feel free to bring your cameras to take photos after the Academic Unit Ceremonies. Guests will not be allowed to leave their seats to photograph or videotape the graduates during any ceremony. The aisles will need to remain clear at all times, and especially during the processional, ceremony and recessional. No freestanding equipment will be allowed. There will be unlimited opportunities for personal photographs after the Academic Unit Ceremonies.