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On-Campus Jobs

The Office of Student Employment, located on the 4th floor of Tech Central, oversees on-campus jobs at IIT. An on-campus job is more than just a paycheck and an easy commute. On-campus jobs will teach you valuable skills for your future career, and just like the real job market, acquiring on-campus jobs can be competitive. View our resume and cover letter resources for tips on standing out in any job market, or speak with a career coach or professor about your job application.

general contact 

Office of Student Employment
Tech Central, 4th Floor
Phone: 312.567.6802


We have a new Student Employment Handbook for Students. (Student Employment Handbook PDF ) This handbook will answer most questions about the On-Campus Student Employment experience.

City of Chicago Minimum Wage Increase: the minimum wage increased to $10.00 per hour on July 1, 2015. View details about Chicago's Minimum Wage Ordinance here. This change went into effect on June 21, 2015, for all offices and departments on campus.


Faculty and staff, click here to see processes for supervisors of student employees.
View answers to students' frequently asked questions here.

Student Processes for On-Campus Jobs

Below are the steps and processes for obtaining on-campus employment.

  1. Apply for On-Campus Jobs
  2. Submit Your Paperwork
  3. Complete Non-Disclousure & Confidentiality Agreement
  4. Receive Authorization Email and Start On-Campus Job
  5. Complete Timesheets
  6. On-Campus Student Employment Survey

1. Apply for On-Campus Jobs

You can find both Federal Work Study (FWS) and non-FWS jobs through Jobs4Hawks.

To apply for on-campus jobs:

  1. Log in to your Jobs4Hawks account.
    Need help? See the Student Quick-Start Guide to Jobs4Hawks
  2. Submit your resume and cover letter, if applicable.
    Note that it can take up to two days for staff to review your resume and cover letter.
  3. Go to the CSM job tab and search for “IIT” of "On-Campus."
  4. In the search results, look for IIT On-Campus Jobs. This is the location where all IIT on-campus jobs are posted. If you know whether you are FWS or Non-FWS, you can filter your search with that criteria.

A few things to note:

  • Students should not hand deliver resumes to departments in order to apply for on-campus jobs. 
  • If you feel that not many on-campus jobs are available it may be because you do not fit the screening criteria set up by the employer.

2. Submit Your Paperwork

If you are offered an on-campus job, all of the forms listed below (excluding instructions) need to be printed, completed, and then submitted to the One Stop, located in The McCormick Tribune Campus Center. Review the I-9 instructions for a list of acceptable documents to submit with your paperwork. Staff members at the One Stop are equipped to assist you with instructions if you have questions.

Student Employment Forms

International Students:

Eligible international students need a Social Security Card in order to start an on-campus job in the U.S. Please review employment requirements listed on the IIT International Center website:

Contact the campus International Center with questions.

3. Complete Non-Disclosure & Confidentiality Agreement

After submitting the appropriate forms, you will receive an email from “” containing a confidentiality agreement. Review the agreement with your supervisor and click the electronic link to confirm your agreement. Contact your supervisor if you do not receive this email, as failure to complete the Confidentiality Agreement will delay the hiring process.

4. Receive Authorization Email and Start On-Campus Job

If all paperwork is submitted correctly and the confidentiality agreement is submitted, you and your supervisor will receive an email from the Student Employment Office with the subject “Payroll Authorization Finalized,” indicating that you can start to work at your on-campus job.

IMPORTANT: Employment law states that students are not permitted to start working until all paperwork has been submitted and approved. Students must wait to receive an email from the Office of Student Employment stating they can work. Failure to submit paperwork will delay your on-campus start date.

Training & Development

Please schedule time with your supervisor for training and professional development throughout the semester, as well as an exit interview when the employment period ends.

5. Complete Timesheets

In order to get paid you must complete a timesheet, which is approved by your supervisor, every two weeks. Timesheets are entered in your MyIIT portal under your Work tab, which appears once your paperwork is submitted. Refer to the Student Employee Timesheet Manual below for detailed information on submitting your timesheets, and ask your supervisor for assistance if you have questions.

Deadlines: Timesheets must be submitted no later than 10 a.m. the Monday before each Friday pay date for all hours worked. (Many supervisors will request that your timesheet is submitted the Thursday or Friday prior.) If you did not work for the duration of a two-week pay period, you do not need to complete a timesheet for that period.


If you miss a timesheet deadline your payment may be delayed. Tell your supervisor right away if you realize you missed a deadline. If your supervisor is not able to correct or override your timesheet, you will need to fill out a timesheet adjustment form (below). The timesheet adjustment form must be printed, signed by your supervisor, and submitted to the Payroll Office in Tech Central, 4th floor, 4B9-1.

Deadlines: This paper form must be submitted by 4 p.m. on the Tuesday before the Friday pay date in order to ensure payment by Friday.


We strongly encourage students to sign up for direct deposit using the form below. If you do not have direct deposit, Accounts Payable will issue you a check, which will be mailed to the address on file in your myIIT portal. Please update this address with your preferred mailing address!

On-Campus Student Employment Survey

Have you finished an on-campus job? Fill out our survey so we can improve this experience for others.

Complete our survey!