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Your Pledge

Take the Pledge Now

Get involved! Take the pledge to become an active participant to help IIT become:

"the most sustainable urban university in the United States"!

This year, I will commit to new ways to reduce my own environmental impact and help with IIT's sustainability efforts. I will make every effort to:

Reduce my energy use and greenhouse gas emissions

  • Turn off the lights and electronics (including computers and power strips) when I leave the room
  • Ride my bike, walk, or take the "el"

Reduce the paper I print

  • Don't print unless necessary and use double-sided printing when I do
  • Hold paperless meetings, review online

Reduce the waste I produce

  • Use a reusable water bottle; fill it, not the landfill
  • Donate old clothing to charities
  • Participate in trayless dining
  • Use recycling bins around campus and elsewhere

Get involved, Encourage others to get involved

  • Attend a forum
  • Work on a sustainability project
  • Join a Green Org
  • Start a challenge, submit ideas