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How do I start an Organization

Didn't see an organization that interests you? Begin your own! Any student can start their own organization that fits their interests; as long there is not a similar organization already in place. Begin here to start your path to leadership!

Each year, approximately 15-20 new groups form on IIT’s campus. In order to ensure all organizations start off on the strongest level possible. Campus Life requires that all organizations seeking recognition on campus undergo a formal process to gain recognition.

Step One: Research

Research your potential student organization. Is there a group on campus that already meets your needs? If there is please reach out to them to collaborate with the organization before proceeding to the next step.

Step Two: Interest Form

If you have not found a group with similar mission statements and values as your organization, go to Campus Life's HawkLink page, under FORMS you will locate the New Student Organization Interest Form. Remember to utilize the New Student Organization Petitioning Roster Form located under DOCUMENTS to submit your roster.

Step Three: Introductory Email

Within 10 business days of submitting the New Student Organization Interest Form, you will receive an email from the Office of Campus Life requesting an introductory meeting with office of Campus Life in addition to the Executive Vice President of SGA . You must reply to this email within 30 days in order to stay active in the process.

Step Four: Introductory Meeting

Meet with the Office of Campus Life. At your introductory meeting, Campus Life will review registered student organization expectations and policies. We’ll also discuss the recognition process and any questions you might have. It may be probable that the meeting with the Executive Vice President needs to be separate due to schedule conflicts. The purpose of meeting with the Executive Vice President of SGA is to prepare for the Senate meeting and go over the research phase to emphasize a collaborative Campus Life.

Step Five: SGA Meeting

The IIT Student Government Association will request your organization be present at a senate meeting. At this meeting, SGA members may have questions for you before voting on the status of your application. SGA will then vote on preapproving or denying your student organization. Your assigned SGA meeting will be given to you at your Introductory Meeting.

Step Six: Governing Documents

After your senate preapproval you will be given a guide to create a constitution and set of bylaws for your group from the Office of Campus Life—this is your first set of Student Organization Homework! You’ll have 30 days from your Senate preapproval to return a completed set of documents for your student organization to the Office of Campus Life. If applicable, you will need to submit the National/International organization’s constitution and bylaws as well

Step Seven: Follow-Up Email

Once Campus Life has received and reviewed your constitution and bylaws, Campus Life will email you to set up a follow-up meeting. Reply to this email within 30 days in order to stay active in the process.

Step Eight: OCL Follow-Up Meeting

This time, we’ll discuss your governing documents and the revisions that must be made in order to register your student organization with the Office of Campus Life. At the end of the meeting you will be given the link to register and information on how to get your new student organization off the ground! You must register your organization within 30 days of receiving the link.

Step Nine: Meet with your Office of Campus Life Liaison

Set up a meeting with your Office of Campus Life liaison to introduce yoursel

HINT: At any time if a potential student organization does not meet the above deadlines, they will revert back to Step Two in the process, including submission of the New Organization Interest Form.