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Scholars Resources

Academic Resource Center scholars are hard working and highly motivated to help students become independent learners. They use a number of resources for students, such as, books, computers, iPad applications, web search, class notes, etc., to provide students a wealth of knowledge. ARC uses a tiered system for hiring new and returning tutors to maintain quality instruction.

Time Sheet

Time sheet is due every other Friday. If you are unable to submit your time sheet by 10am on Monday, please complete a payment adjust form.

Electronic Time Sheet

Time sheet submission can be completed through the Time Reporting Channel. 1) Click Time Sheet or Approve Time in the Time Reporting Channel. 2) Select the button Access my Time Sheet and click Select. 3) Choose the time period for which the time sheet needs to be completed and click Time Sheet. 4) Enter hours as appropriate


Academic Resource Center uses online management software, TutorTrac, for students utilizing our resources. TutorTrac allows you to schedule appointments online, record visits, enter session notes, check out resources, and quickly run reports.

Tutor Education Seminars

All tutors are required to attend 10 hours of Tutor Education Seminars (TES) during their first semester of employment. The seminars are scheduled first two months of the semester. Monthly staff meetings are a part of TES as well. More information about TES can be found here.


All new hires at the ARC must complete Tutor Education Seminars. The seminars are announced in an email with specific days and schedules. During the first semester of employment all tutors must complete shadow tutoring and understand all the services offered by the ARC.

Important Forms

Group Sign-in Form for exam reviews, workshops, remote activity, and SI Sessions (if needed.)
Self-Evaluation Form for self tutor evaluation conducted every semester.

Interactive ARC Scholar Manual

Additonal informaton about the ARC services, required forms, policies and procedures are available on ARC's google site. You must login using myIIT portal creditials.

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