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Appeal a Citation


Purpose: The Parking Appeals Committee at Illinois Institute of Technology is an impartial body of campus community members that review parking citation appeals and recommend decisions to Access, Card, and Parking Services (ACaPS).

Parking Appeals Adjudicated by Students Only!

Beginning Fall 2015, the ACaPS office transitioned citation appeal decisions to a 100% student perspective. Appeal dockets will be reviewed by a body of (5) students. Previously, appeal decisions were rendered by a group consisting of students, faculty, staff, and tenants. Members will serve a term of (1) academic year. Appeals are processed on a bi-weekly basis, through an online submission. Members and appeal customers will remain anonymous. The ACaPS Office reserves the right to reduce the appeal committee to (3) representatives if member(s) are unavailable for a given docket. 

Contact us at to express interest in participating.

Member Expectations

  • Members will be expected to serve on the committee for one (1) academic year.
  • Members will be expected to review citation appeals twice monthly for approximately an hour via an electronic survey.
  • This will be done at a scheduled time on a predetermined date.
  • Committee members will be kept confidential.

If you have any questions, please contact our office at


Parking citations may be appealed if issued incorrectly or if there are extenuating circumstances. All citation appeals must be made within (7) days of the date the citation was issued. To appeal a parking citation, click here. Appeals must be submitted electronically. Access, Card, and Parking Services is unable to consider in person appeals.

If an appeal is granted, the violator will be notified and the violation will be waived.

If an appeal is denied, the violator will be notified. The violator will be responsible for all applicable charges and fines. Those fines and charges must be paid within (7) days of the appeal denial notice.

All decisions notices will be issued within (14) days of the appeal.