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Grote Reber

Armour Institute 1933

Grote ReberAlumnus Grote Reber is widely recognized as a founding father of radio astronomy. In 1937, at age 22, he constructed the world’s first telescope designed specifically for radio astronomical observations of space in his backyard in Wheaton, Ill. From 1938 to 1943 Reber made the first surveys of celestial radio waves; in 1944 his first maps of the radio sky were published. Beginning in 1954 he assembled a series of telescopic arrays in Tasmania to study galactic and solar radio emissions at even longer wavelengths. An asteroid (6886 Grote), a medal (the Grote Reber Medal, administered by the Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery in Tasmania), and a museum (the Grote Reber Museum at the University of Tasmania Mt. Pleasant Radio Telescope Observatory) are named for him.

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